How Lean drives growth for Opel Europe

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Together with Opel Europe and Opel Eisner Gruppe in Austria LMG has established a showcase as a benchmark for the best practice sales funnel process to drive growth.

By creating awareness through a Value stream map of the total sales process, including system usage, team members got insights in their own processes and started sharing and executing direct improvements. Fact based continuous progress monitoring on set KPI’s drive result improvement! By using whiteboard day and week start sessions with all teams, the continues improvement movement is integrated in the daily operations.  

The Flagship project at Opel Eisner Gruppe in Austria can be seen by all stakeholders as a successful project. Demonstrating that awareness of the need for process transparency and result (KPI’s) monitoring is driving the usage of IT tools supporting the sales process. This enables the organization to actively drive sales result improvement. 

The next step that will be taken by OVE and LMGroup is a documentation for a short version of the process that was followed at the PoC. This “pressure cooker” version is aimed to be used at a pilot in Austria, and should proof that the same result can be reached with less effort from consultants and dealer resources. After a successful pilot a financial model (incl. business case) will be created to guide dealers and NSC’s all through Europe to drive growth.